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Really Smart Syndication.

Infoble optimizes multiplatform, multimedia distribution for enterprises.

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Deliver precisely via RSS.
Narrowcast, Groupcast, or Broadcast
any of your content.

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Feed your video, audio, and text securely through web sites, mobile devices, and applications.

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Socialize your content to Facebook, iTunes, LinkedIn, and more.

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Manage it all within a single streamlined interface.

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Review your downloads, advertising and usage with smart reporting.

How It Works


OrbitFlow™ production environment

Upload, approve, and manage content using Infoble's optimized Content Management System, OrbitFlow™. Seamlessly interface with your existing publishing structure.


Personalize and streamline delivery

Infoble enables you to Individualize and segment feeds, so that users receive targeted, personalized content. Click one button and distribute everywhere.


Secure and manage your content

RSS feeds don't have to be public. Restrict your content  to active subscribers, individual users, or certain domains. Call it Really Secure Syndication.


Real-time audience analytics

Where is your audience located? Which devices are they using? What content are they downloading? Get real-time download statistics anytime, anywhere.


Complete production, distribution + measurement solution

Collaborative Production + Seamless Distribution
  • Admin Controls
  • Smart Permissions
  • Intuitive Process
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Endpoints
  • Multiple Languages
  • Smart Security

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Distribution + measurement solution

Collaborative Production + Seamless Distribution
  • Rest API
  • Multiple Inputs
  • CMS Inputs
  • Multiple Endpoints
  • Smart Security

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Deliver your content exactly the way your audience wants it. We'll customize OrbitFlow™ or OrbitFeed™ to your specifications.

Whether you're a large, established content owner or a small, expanding property, Infoble helps you intelligently grow and extend the power of your media. Find out more about our technical offerings.

Clients »

We help content owners of all sizes reach their audience both predictably and measurably. Our client list includes Oracle, a very large rating agency, Business Week, SourceMedia, StarCom, and others.